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Social Media CAMP SDOkay so why would we be posting about Social Media Camp on Giving Scene. How is this relevant to philanthropy?


It has EVERYTHING to do with the non-profit and social good community. If you are a group who has a mission to make GOOD change, you need to tell someone about it, rally the troops, find some fellow cheerleaders and RAH RAH RAH your way to positive effects! Talk to the world and let them talk back. Nothing gets done in this sector without a little shouting from the rooftops. Since you have heard all of this before, why HASN’T your organization really explored the possibilities of what social media can do to assist your cause?

Well, if you don’t know where to start, Social Media Camp is a great (affordable, did I tell you it is only $15 for a whole day of experts?) way to dip a toe in and get comfortable. Social Media Camp strives to create a comfortable environment for all levels from newbie to master with tons to offer. AND it’s fun! Meet tons of social media enthusiasts and open your organization to the world of collaborative messaging and get an understanding for exactly HOW these virtual connections can result in tangible connections for your group.

San Diego is hosting a Social Media Camp SD with SONY April 30th, 2011. Keep a look out for one in a city near you soon. You WON’T want to miss it.


Saturday, April 30th, 2011 | 9 am – 5 pm | Tix start at $15

SONY |16530 Via Esprillo, San Diego 92127 (map)

NOTE: We are in the tallest glass building across the street from this address (Google maps has it wrong)

Purchase Your Staff Tickets HERE —- You can come too. 😉 Giving Scene will be there. Find us so we can talk to you about how your organization uses social media to do GOOD for your community.


Programs include:Social Media Club San Diego

Social Media 101 / Bootcamp – Not only will instructors take you through the “getting started” process, there will be hands on workshops for every social media tool we cover.

Open Space”  sessions that will be determined by participants on the day of the event in the spirit of BarCamp.  One of the conference rooms will be dedicated to this informal way of presenting.

We will also be featuring panels about social media use and best practices for specific industries.  The complete conference schedule and speaker list will be posted on http://socialmediacamp.org/

Wanna learn a little more about Social Media Club? Visit their website.