Travel Diary – Jaco, Costa Rica.

These chilly New York City days have gotten the best of me. Instead of enjoying the glorious sun outside, I rather stay inside where at least it is warm. That’s why when I had the opportunity to jet down to Costa Rica for six days, I said yes! and had my bags packed within hours. And what an adventurous week it was. Zip lining! White water rafting! Fresh fruit! As the locals say, we definitely got “Waco in Jaco!”

However, beyond the thrills and adventure the beautiful Central American country has to offer, the one thing that struck me the most was–the “Pura Vida” or, the pure life. Everywhere you go, locals, tourists, and gringos (as the white locals are called) are repeating this phrase. At first, I shrugged it off as another one of those cliché sayings everyone likes to repeat while on vacation. A few days into my trip though, I noticed that life in Costa Rica is exactly that–pure. The locals love and are proud of their lush, untouched country. Costa Rica remains the only country in Central America that does not use any chemicals, pro-biotics, or supplements in their meat. You could even tell while holding a piece of corn that this was what real corn is suppose to look like–juicy but not overly juicy. Even the locals we interacted with–our river and zip-lining guides–were in love with the pure life they’re living in Costa Rica. At times, it seemed like they were having more fun jetting down the river or zipping from one tree to another than us–even if it is their job. Surrounding the Savegre river (the river we rafted down) was untouched land. Our river guide informed us that while this land is owned by locals, it remains untouched–the owners have vowed to preserve the land in its natural estate. I found this surprising. Why would anyone purchase land if they could not do anything with it? And then I realized, it’s not about making money off the land, it’s about owning a piece of their land. At that moment, I realized why so many people leave their corporate jobs and move their life to Costa Rica where they can bake under the Pacific sun and bask in all that is la Pura Vida.