Thirsty Thursday | Alexis DelChiaro Shares Her Green “Sludge”

@AlexisDelChiaro and her Green Juice Challenge Picture

Alexis DelChiaro, morning news anchor for San Diego’s KUSI, committed to the 30 day Green Smoothie Challenge on April 1st… and that’s no joke. The goal of the challenge is to drink at least ONE green smoothie a day. The drinker can take it down as a meal replacement, snack or dessert (go figure). Alexis sent us a picture of  her DAY ONE Green Juice with the recipe to boot.

Are you up for the challenge?

Yesterday I stocked up on tons of healthy fruits and veggies for the week. Easy peasy! Here’s what’s in my @thenutribullet juice: 2 cups spinach, handful of baby carrots, handful of cucumber slices, 8 mango chunks, 10 frozen grapes, 1/2 banana, chia seeds and water. (Btw, my co-anchor is not impressed! He’s always grossed out by my “sludge” drinks! Ha! I love the way I feel!

~ Alexis Del Chiaro

@AlexisDelChiaro and her Green Juice Challenge Picture


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