Solare Hits a Home Run w/ the Lunch Ladies

The Lunch Ladies

There is a small group of women, about 44 of them, called the Lunch Ladies who have one very important thing in common. They love good food! Every other month or so, these gals come from all over San Diego county to get to know each other over wine and food.

The goal of the gathering is for the ladies to meet new dynamic women, support each other in their endeavors if it makes sense and to foster their need for food exploration. There is nearly ALWAYS an element of surprise in the meals and the women must be brave eaters.

Cured Swordfish belly, Chef Accursio Lota, Solare Ristorante, Point Loma, San Diego dining

Solare Ristorante : Liberty Station

On this day, the Lunch Ladies descended on the Liberty Station restaurant Solare Ristorante to feast over a custom, family-style meal prepared by Executive Chef Accursio Lota and team.

The six courses were served starting out with an amuse bouche which was accompanied by the surprise… chicken gizzards. THE BEST DARN GIZZARDS ever made. It was served crispy, atop a cauliflower puree and mushrooms. Even the most squeamish of the ladies enjoyed the dish but there were no complaints. They are all accustomed to eating something a little odd on the outings.

Point Loma, Liberty Station, Chef Accursio Lota, san Diego Dining

Courtesy of Susie Talman

The risotto with scallops and truffle shavings were pure luxury. And just take a close look at the braised, short rib ravioli. The hand-made pasta is not your ordinary ravioli. The beautifully braided pasta was hearty over the bed of butternut squash puree.

A selection of wines were presented and each was incredible. Solare will definitely be seeing these ladies again in the future.

Next gathering… Valle de Guadalupe. 

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