The Verde : Avocado Cocktail Recipe

I’m a big fan of avocados and happy hour so when the good folks at Snake Oil Cocktail sent over this interesting concoction, I couldn’t help but share it for Thirsty Thursday! Get your potassium, heart healthy fats and buzz all in one glass!

The Verde by Snake Oil Cocktail Company

Avocado Cocktail: The Verde


1.5 oz Han Vodka

3 oz Avocado mix*

3 Basil leaves

* Avocado Mix

50 g Fresh avocado, peeled & deseeded

1 oz Fresh pressed lemon juice

1 oz Pink peppercorn infused syrup**

1 oz Water

2 Sorrel leaves

**Pink peppercorn infused syrup

1 oz Sugar

1 oz Water

5 Pink peppercorns, whole


Add avocado mix and basil leaves to a shaker tin. Heavily bruise basil with a muddler to release flavor and color from herbs. Add vodka and ice to shaker tin. Shake cocktail to incorporate components and double strain into a double old fashioned glass full of ice. Garnish with popcorn shoots and firestix flower stalks.

* Avocado Mix

Add avocado, lemon juice, peppercorn syrup, and water to a VitaPrep blender. Blend on high until all avocado flesh has been liquified. Add sorrel leaves to mixture and blend on high until leaves are broken down and color has been extracted. Pass mixture through a chinois or fine mesh strainer to remove any unprocessed avocado and sorrel fragments. Bottle mixture and refrigerate. Refrigerated shelf life: 2 days.

**Pink peppercorn infused syrup

Add all ingredients to a stock pot. Heat on medium-high, stirring periodically to dissolve sugar faster. Simmer for 30 minutes to infuse peppercorn flavor. Remove from heat and strain through a chinois or cheese cloth to remove all peppercorn matter. Store and refrigerate until needed. Refrigerated shelf life: 6 months.