Recipe | DIY Pot Stickers

Quick and Easy Snack!

Buy pot sticker skins like these in you’re local Asian market if you can’t find in your regular grocery store.


Make a quick stir fry of your favorite protein and veggies (or just veggies if you prefer).

Put a small tsp. of stir fry in center of skin. Wet the circumference of the skin with water and fold skin diagonally, pressing skin sides together to create a seal.

Heat vegetable oil in pan to sizzling hot. With slotted spoon,  add a few pot stickers at a time to hot oil. Cook until golden brown. This happens QUICKLY!  15 – 20 seconds quickly depending on how hot your oil is.  Be very careful not to splatter the oil when putting pot stickers in the pan.


Using your slotted spoon,  remove pot stickers and absorb oil on a napkin or paper towel over a plate.

Add a little fresh squeezed lemon juice to your soy sauce and dip away for your quick snack.


What do you like to fill your pot stickers with?