From SD to NYC! Nicole Ponseca on Changing Direction & Heading Straight for the Top.

MADEcast with Nicole Ponseca

Today on the show… how one California girl took on New York and went from high-powered ad exec to dream come true restaurateur with not one but two renowned restaurants focusing on the under-explored Filipino Cuisine.

Lessons of perseverance and dedication while living a double life to make her dream a reality.


“I never looked at my gender as a hindrance.” ~ Nicole Ponseca

Takeaways (life lessons)

1. Envision success by being prepared.
2. You should not be an autopilot answer. “Have an opinion. Learn how to express it.”

Words to live by
“Little drops of water make a big lake.”
“People will often forget what you say or what you do but people will never forget how you make them feel.” Maya Angelou

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