Facebook LIVE : Monday, 9.23.19 – The Fight for Valle de Guadalupe

There is a feud happening in Valle de Guadalupe, Baja California’s hot wine country. The balance of the areas charm and culture are on the verge of upset. Can regulations be passed in time to stop the development plans that may strip the slim resources that are left in the delicate valley?

On Monday evening at 6PM, I will be speaking with Scott Koenig, from a Gringo in Mexico, about the two opposing sides. We found that the conversation was happening in Spanish around the Baja region but left out the English speaking public, who frequents the valley and presumably, for whom the developers are thinking of with their massive plans .

Know your audience. That is key for brands and is precisely what I maneuver day in and day out in my day job. What is the desire for the Valley de Guadalupe visitors? Do they understand the potential repercussions of development without responsibility in the region they love to frequent? We hope to garner some insight from this conversation.

If you’d like to comment, learn more and ask questions during the live broadcast, feel free to got to our Facebook Page at the time of the event and participate.