Old Town Museum Seeks to Pay Off their Mortgage


That is the big number hanging over the The Wm. B. Kolender Sheriff’s Museum as the mortgage line item that they would like to get rid of. Originally, the mortgage was $750,000 so the remainder is really quite a feat but as we all know the economic climate doesn’t allow much wiggle room especially for a non-profit organization.

Picture of the San Diego Sheriffs MuseumThe nearly 7000sf building houses artifacts and exhibits that chronicle the San Diego Sheriff’s Department from 1850 to present. The museum is free to the public and keeps its doors open through private donations for upkeep and improvements.

A special fundraiser will be hosted on October 4th at the private residence of George and Abeer Hage in order to retire the last of this debt, and provide a modest amount for more interactive displays as teaching tools for children, with the goal of turning the Museum into ‘hands on’ experience.

Virginia Rader at the HDSA office, Monday through Thursday, 10am to 4pm, 858 974-2296.
Or call call Jill Gillespie or Cate at the Museum, Wed through Sunday, 9am to 5 pm, 619 260-1850