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Rustic Root

Restaurant News for the Curious & Hungry

Drum Roll Please: Rustic Root, Don Chido’s next door neighbor has officially opened! Off to a running start last week, just before Mother’s Day, serial Executive Chef Antonio Friscia has propped the doors open and welcome all who will appreciate a hearty meal, made with love. The rustic American cuisine includes interesting takes on familiar foods (Duroc Double Cut Pork Chops  & Rustic Fried Chicken) and some out of the ordinary plates (Elk Chops, Bourbon Chicken Liver Pate). We can’t say we’ve tried the gammet yet, but as soon as we have, we’ll report back.

photo courtesy of Rustic Root

A Tasty Farewell: R Gang Eatery & Florent SD are going through some big changes. Executive Chef Rich Sweeney has decided he has had a great run and it is time for starting a new adventure! R Gang Eatery served it’s last meal Sunday, on Mother’s Day after five years in Hillcrest. Chef Sweeney has handed over the Florent SD reigns to Chef Brad Hightow, who you may know from the University Club. Chef hasn’t yet let us know his “NEXT BIG THING”, but we are sure it will be filled with fun & exuberance for a food-loving crowd. Good luck to you, Chef!

Last Day of R Gang Crew
Last Day of R Gang Crew

Común’s New Spring Menu: Season’s change and therefore, so do menus. Común Kitchen & Tavern has not added just a few new greens to existing menu items but rather has added some exciting new tastes altogether. Cur8eur was lucky enough to be invited to a recent media preview and the spring menu will thrill any food explorer. Baja staples such as goat birria, a torta ahogada and a conchinita pibil will transport you across the border.CW-SpringMenu-Collage


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