Murder by the Book – A Librarian’s Dream!

After a sweltering day during the unusually hot weather streak we have had, getting all dolled up and putting on heals was one of the last things that seemed appealing to me, even on a Friday night. I arrived through the doors of the intimate party of Rancho Santa Fe Library supporters amidst the backdrop of the Morgan Run Golf Club in Rancho Santa Fe, California. It was clear a night of fun and laughs was to ensue with this bunch. A murder mystery dinner set in 1960’s lent itself to reminisce of mid-century modern Mad Men-esque style. The men, debonaire. The ladies, graceful. Let the games begin.

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The Rancho Santa Fe Library Guild’s Mystery Dinner, sponsored by Don Johnson III of Wells Fargo Advisors of Rancho Santa Fe, consisted of quite the suspicious characters which dinner guests dubiously investigated to determine who of the crowd was a murderer. Was it the widow Silky M. Adam… or perhaps Billy “the Kid” Thrower or any other of the swarmy bunch. No matter who the culprit was, the mystery dinner was entertaining and successful.