Drug Dealers Beat Amazon’s Jeff Bezos in First Air Deliveries

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Marijuana Dealers Taking Delivery Cues from Amazon’s Jeff Bezos?

Amazon’s CEO, Jeff Bezos, recently announced Amazon is in the development stages of creating a future drone delivery service of your online purchases. The buzz is BIG and the jokes have begun but who would have thought marijuana dealers would beat Amazon to beta testing?

drug bust, 262 pounds, marijuana, air delivery, amazon, jeff bezosA north bound ultra-light aircraft crossed the border in the wee hours of the morning to drop the 260+ lbs. of marijuana near Brown Field where 2 suspects arrived to claim the delivery and were immediately arrested. Back to the drawing board for this first run I suppose.

262 Pounds Of Pot Falls From The San Diego Sky, Two Arrested


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Trending Market Prediction?

As for Amazon purchases delivered via drones to your doorstep, I see a re-surgence in the ebay and craigslist listings for used paintball guns in the future. Stock up! This may be a new market trend. ;-P

It will be interesting to see how the cyber-shopping giant, Amazon, will address theft and vandalizing.

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