Kids Korps USA


Kids Korps USA engages young people, ages 5 through 25, in community service. Our mission is to instill in America’s youth the spirit of giving while providing valuable education in leadership and responsibility. Our vision is to develop leaders for life through youth volunteerism.

The mission of Kids Korps has an indelible and unique impact beyond the many benefits of volunteerism: we shape young lives through exposure to, and direct involvement in community service. The daily benefit of improving ones community is tangible. The lifelong benefit to young volunteers is an increase in their level of maturity, empathy, and positive perspective on how THEY can make the world a better place.

Volunteering is about giving, contributing, and helping others – making a meaningful and lasting contribution to a better community. Volunteering is helping in a homeless shelter, giving aid to seniors, holding hands in a hospice or cleaning up a local stream. The selfless act of volunteering is what binds communities together.

People in need want understanding, not sympathy. Service projects enable our youth to develop the values of caring, giving and compassion for others.

We embrace diversity. Breaking down cultural barriers enables us to respect and value each other’s differences. Understanding helps kids to develop their full potential.

Kids become Teen Leaders and mentor other kids. Hands-on leadership is developed through cooperative volunteerism, task-orientation, and focus on outcomes.

Our service-based model provides opportunities for youth to learn about their community including its needs strengths, and diversity.

Team Building
Working together to solve a community need promotes positive interaction among peers.

By giving to and supporting the community in which they live, our youth are more connected and proud to be socially responsible members of society.

Families volunteer together – providing a tremendous opportunity for families to spend quality time together, to bond, and to grow.

Children become more aware of local issues and help provide solutions through their personal efforts. This instills social and personal responsibility and a sense of purpose.

Making a difference builds adolescent’s self-esteem: a vital quality that is so important in the development of healthy, happy youth. Confidence and unmistakable pride comes from the accomplishment of volunteering, serving the community and helping others in need.