Your Yoga Routine Just Got High Tech!

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Yoga, exercise, fitness, tech, innovation

Yoga, exercise, fitness, tech, innovation

Your yoga routine most likely is composed of either heading to the yoga studio with your gear or re-arranging space in a room of your house to make way for your yoga mat. If you are like me, your yoga roll is aptly stored in the corner for easy access adding a peculiar sense of aesthetics to any room. Out of site out of mind — so, well, you know.

The creative folks at Lunar, an UBER-cool design firm headquartered in SF, just found a way to incorporate your fitness fun into your decor with the added benefit of being a super techie gadget. The smartie pants at Lunar created Tera, a contemporary, wool rug that is secretly hiding a series of pressure-sensitive led lights that are in sync with its app to guide you through poses. The app is loaded with varying levels of difficulty for yoga, pilates and Thai bo and can detect the pressure exerted by your poses to then assist you with proper alignment and weight distribution. Your personal yoga guru/interior designer just made you cooler.


TERA fitness mat from LUNAR Europe on Vimeo.