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AAAahhhhh. What a great way to start an evening.

I knew from the moment I made the turn up the hill in Del Mar  toward the Johnson residence that it was going to be a successful event. The cars were neatly parked all the way down to the main road with valet sprinting to and fro. The entrance to the estate included a red carpet greeting with a professional photographer posted to take photos of the guests to the music of the acoustic guitarist. Guests mingled and nibbled on wonderful foods provided by the participating restaurants and caterers. The evening entertainment was award-winning Randi Driscoll. We’ve had a few weeks of unbelievably warm evening’s for events this season and this night was no different.

The 2011 Spirit of Award was presented to Maria Assaraf who attended with her family. Dr. Ken Druck, Founder of Jenna Druck Center and his lovely daughter, Stephanie, were there to celebrate the life of his Angel daughter, Jenna, the inspiration for center.

*Of Note

I managed to have a nibble at the table of Cien Años, a caterer/restaurant out of Tijuana that I had not recognized. It was amazing! Served with precision, it was a perfectly balanced forkful of goodness. I wanted the entire tray but refrained. They told me their recipes were all over one hundred (thus the name) years old and that they could cater events as far north as Los Angeles.

*About the Jenna Druck Center

The Jenna Druck Center was founded in 1996 by Dr. Ken Druck with the support of his family, friends and the community after his 21 year old daughter, Jenna, was tragically killed in a bus crash while studying abroad. Inspired by Jenna’s extraordinary spirit, special qualities of love and leadership, and to honor his daughter’s life, Ken developed the Center’s two programs, Families Helping Families (FHF) and Spirit of Leadership (SOL). Over the past fourteen years and with the help of dedicated staff, Board members, and volunteers, the Jenna Druck Center has made a profound impact on the lives of thousands of people. The JDC team is dedicated to working together with the community turning grief into hope and strength into leadership.