Buzz Worthy Espresso Maker

Coffee is an important aspect of my day. It is the catalyst from drowsy to ready, invoking a sense of comfort as part of my daily routine. It is an assumed expectation of my pre-anything jump start. Soon there may be a fashionable almost artistic component added to the ritual.

This new designer machine is only a prototype created by Arvid Hausser, a 23 year old student in Germany. The use of porcelain will stave off the metallic taste and is a fantastic heat insulator. With living accommodations becoming more compact, the efficient use of space is paramount when it comes to non-essential small appliances, such as espresso machines, so the wall-mounted unit screams “GOTTA HAVE IT” for the apartment dweller. It holds its own espresso cups but has an adjustable drip try so you can fill that AMERICAN JUMBO SIZED mug sitting on your counter.

The bad news…. It is ONLY a prototype. Arvid is currently looking for investors to help him bring it to the next level.