Closed Door Supper Club | San Diego’s 1st Fine Dining Marijuana Dinner Series

Colin Murray, Hanis Cavin, Marijuana Dinner

Throughout California’s larger cities and in many recreational marijuana states, cannabis dinners are a common occurrence but in conservative San Diego, this type of gathering is hush hush and under-wraps.

On Saturday, February 25th, we hosted the kick-off event of San Diego’s first marijuana dinner series chef collaborative, Closed Door Supper Club with Chef Colin Murray & Chef Hanis Cavin.

The series will feature notable chefs who will partner with Cur8eur’s own Marie Daniels to bring an inspired fine dining pop-up to medical marijuana card holders with the purpose of encouraging a broader look at utilizing cannabis.

So much of the edibles market is focused on pre-made, processed products, many of which are sweets. In a time when so many people are trying to cut out sugars and preservatives for health reasons, it stands to argue that perhaps medical marijuana card holders may want other options and inspiration from chefs who can vet products they’ve used. ~ Marie Tahan Daniels

Invitations to the Closed Door Supper Club can be found here. Keep up with Supper Club news on the Facebook Page.

Big thanks to photographer Josue Castro!