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CAJA OCHO | Are you Game for Borderless Dining?

Named as San Diego’s Chef of the Year and penned as a favorite chef of chefs, Chef Chad White is a non-stop machine of culinary prowess. Today, Sunday, February 22nd kicks off a new, weekly event at Comun called Sunday Funday to call in all those kindred spirits who want to toast and relish each waking weekend moment to the end with brunchstadas, punch bowls, mezcal and craft bottle spirit.

But if you are a serious food lover, an adventurous eater, one who is  seeking more satisfaction than a fancy, over-priced dinner in a well-known institution, it is worth getting on the waiting list for CAJA OCHO.

Caja8-mar11CAJA OCHO is meant for the culinary explorers who want to dine with the full attention of the chef, an intimate dinner connecting with the exclusive few who have a discerning palate, open to the chef’s whim.

Once per month, Chef Chad White will hold the special omakase-style dinner for 8 people, 8 courses, $80.  Make your reservation and mention Cur8eur to receive a special addition to your CAJA OCHO experience.

CAJA OCHO N°1 is MARCH 11TH, 2015. | CAJA OCHO N°2 is MARCH 18TH, 2015.

Since the article came out last week, both of the first CAJA OCHO dinners have been sold out. 2 NEW Events have been posted for April, 2015. 

CAJA OCHO N°3 – APRIL 8TH, 2015 | CAJA OCHO N°4 – APRIL 15TH, 2015


Purchase your seats to CAJA OCHO ASAP or you will be put on the wait list for the next CAJA OCHO. 🙁 Here’s the link!