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Meatball Menagerie | Foodie Friday

Rustic Tapas & Meatballs


455 Tenth Avenue, San Diego, CA 92101 |
619-674-8439 | Website

Just a block from the ball park in East Village is a tidy little eatery that beckons your taste buds from the sidewalk. The wafting smells of cooking seasoned meat traverse the busy streets and make one forget about the accosting sounds of construction and impending growth of what once was a quaint downtown.

Rustic Tapas and Meatballs continues where Cafe Paris ended at Tenth and Market, focusing on quality ingredients to create a simple but delectable experience. The interior is casual and laid back allowing you to enjoy your company, a good beer and a meatball anyway you like it; in a bowl, as a slider, as a sub sandwich or perhaps a burrito. Rustic doesn’t limit your ever-changing palate whim either. Choose pesto today, spicy marinara tomorrow or parmesan cheese, perhaps gouda. Don’t want beef? Maybe turkey, chorizo, vegetarian or a combo would tempt you. Whatever you fancy for the day, Rustic may provide.Rustic-sandwich