A Renewed Faith in SD Restaurant Week Comes w/ a Full Belly

Herding cattle… That was how I felt I was viewed the last time I went to San Diego Restaurant Week. The fine dining experience did two things; 1) I never went back to that restaurant and 2) I refused to go out during restaurant week.

This sentiment is not an unfamiliar one in my house. My husband absolutely REFUSES to join in on the San Diego Restaurant Week hoopla. In fact, it has been at least five years since he’s been. The last time we went to SDRW, it was a very reputable, North County fine dining restaurant who didn’t deliver good food nor good service.

I was determined to change his mind this week. Luckily, I chose wisely.

I have spent the last year listening to chefs, food enthusiasts and food producers PRAISE Accursio Lota for reviving taste buds across San Diego! Don’t get me wrong… I have had his food and it is stellar! But is has always been at food events like the SD BAY Wine & Food Festival. I had never taken time to go to his restaurant and eat an entire Chef Accursio meal.

Wagyu Beef Carpaccio - Chef Accursio Lota - Solare Lounge - San Diego - Cur8eur Eats - A Gal and Her Fork

How This Restaurant SAVED Restaurant Week…

The reservations were not overbooked. The restaurant was full but the reservations had not been stacked in so tight that you felt anxious for enjoying your meal.

Lack of stress in the staff was felt immediately. The wait staff was attentive and courteous. When the reservations are NOT overbooked and/or the staff is encouraged to allow guests to take it all in and experience the vibe and food, the staff is able to perform graciously.

They made it hard to choose. This was a good thing! So many times I look at a SD Restaurant Week menu and it’s the same old menu, just slimmer. Reminds me of a bundle package for ATT or Cox. This menu had a great selection for the entrees that were unique to the “event” but that made it hard to choose because everything looked like something I wanted to try. (That means I may have to come back. Isn’t that the point of SDRW for restaurants?) 

We left dinner feeling like we not only “got our money’s worth” but also that this was such a great introduction to a restaurant that is our new GO TO for a great meal. We have already decided that we will be back with two couples specifically that are INCREDIBLY PICKY about their Italian food.

As for now, you are probably wondering where my food review is (with all the pictures). I’ll get back to that shortly. Right now I need to go downstairs and eat my leftover Quail Risotto and Cook Pig Ranch pork chop.

In search of my Next Best Bite…

A Gal & Her Fork, Marie Daniels

Have you had a SD Restaurant Week WIN? Where did you go? Let me know in the comments below. Thanks for sharing. 

Address: Liberty Station, 2820 Roosevelt Rd, San Diego, CA 92106
Phone:(619) 270-9670