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Kenneth Barlis and Maria Parnell

For a second year, the Beach and Country Guild held its annual Dia Del Sol at the extravagant Grand Del Mar in Carmel Valley (Basketball star LeBron James just recently married here and brought his big celeb friends too!) reaffirming the end to the famed estate tours that made the event so recognizable. The event was nothing short of regal as guests were transported into a time from beyond with the Orient Express in mind.  Artist and Guild member, Lynn Owen along with her creative team hand made and styled the extraordinary props to set the 1930’s travel theme  within the ballrooms and corridors of the Grand Del Mar. The luncheon crowd scoured the auction sheets for gifts and trips and raised their bid paddles to donate funds to United Cerebral Palsy of San Diego in support of their charitable works throughout the county.

The fashion show featured many of their annual boutique supporters such as Nicole Miller, Maggie B’s and Mister B’s but also showcased some fun new designers like Kenneth Barlis, C Wonder and MaxMara. Designs by Kenneth Barlis may have taken this crowd aback a bit with the extravagant pageantry and over-the-top nature of some of his creations but it certainly added a unique spark to the show that we are not accustomed to seeing at the many fashion events around San Diego. Can’t wait to see what is in store for year 45!

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