44 Years and Going Strong!

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44 Years and Going Strong!

After 44 years of continuous fund raising for United Cerebral Palsy of San Diego, the ladies of the Beach & Country Guild are still going strong and manage to rally new talent and members during each annual New Members Brunch. The potential new members heard testimonials and anecdotes from seasoned Guild members and received a warm welcome from UCPSD’s Executive Director, Dave Carucci.

I would venture to guess that (the donations over) the first 25 years range from $50,000 per year in the early days (‘70s) to hovering around $100,000 in the mid ‘80s to ‘90s.   And that conservatively would put the total donations in the $4 -4.5 million dollar range…  quite a track record both in longevity and dollars raised for the cause and something to be proud of.  As I have said on numerous occasions, we would be a different organization without the ongoing support of the Guild.

~ Dave Carucci, Executive Director of United Cerebral Palsy, San Diego

Photographs courtesy of Susie Talman Photography

Images Courtesy of Susie Talman Photography
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