BREAKING THE RULES at The Land & Water Co.

Today’s Lunch… Finger rolls : Sashimi poke, cucumber wrap, Hass avocado, bonito flake, house-pickled ginger (on menu) Scallops : seared, with lemon and yuzu kosho (chef’s whim) Umami Bowl : Salmon belly, Japanese mint (shiso), bowl of sweet sushi rice, steaming pork belly dashi, negi, smoked tuna flakes and heirloom cherry tomatoes from the Land & Water Co. garden (on menu) …

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Davin and Jessica Waite, Wrench & Rodent, Oceanside

Davin & Jessica Waite; Pioneers in Oceanside

 Davin & Jessica Waite have quietly created s special place in the hearts of the food community in San Diego for so many reasons. Their restaurants, The Wrench & Rodent and The Whet Noodle, have created a great little haven for sushi and ramen in a style all their own.  We talk about the journey, wage hikes, and why …

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Berry Good Food Foundation

PODCAST Ep. 1: Could You Grow Your Own Food If You Had To? Berry Good Food Foundation

[buzzsprout episode=’361044′ player=’true’] The Berry Good Night Dinner has been touted by San Diego Magazine to be the best invite of the year but until now… you could only get an invite if you were a chef, fishmonger, food purveyor, cheesemonger, farmer, or restaurant owner. What is the foundation up to and how are they getting people to grow their …

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Point Loma, Liberty Station, San Diego Dining
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Liberty Station is Heating Up

For a long time, Liberty Station was a stagnant, nearly empty set of buildings waiting to explode. That time has arrived. The center has enticed some incredible chefs to join the Point Loma neighborhood in bringing great food and drink to the area. When Stone Brewing opened the Liberty Station location, it was a welcome venue to bring the family, …

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Pop Up! Khao San TJ w/ Chef Javier Plascencia

Chef Javier Plascencia opens a new take on Thai food in Plaza Rio’s Food Garden with a POP UP on Thursday, February 18th in Tijuana. The restaurant, Khao San, inherits its name from a famous district in Bangkok, Thailand that was once the major rice market area. Nowadays, the area is famous for explorers and backpackers to find an economical …

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Grand Ole BBQ, Courtesy of Oh So Yummy

Grand Ole BBQ Y Asada | Oh-So Yummy Review

One of the most talked about BBQ places within the San Diego food community is the newly opened Grand Ole BBQ. They have Texas style barbecue so this place warranted a visit from us… or two or three! Grand Ole BBQ is located at  3302 32nd Street, between the North Park and South Park areas of town and we didn’t have …

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