McFarlane Promotions Creates ANOTHER Successful Mardi Gras in the Gaslamp Quarter

Laurel McFarlane, CEO of McFarlane Promotions, creator and producer of the San Diego Mardi Gras has been touted as the Queen of San Diego events. As the brains AND brawn behind the biggest and most famous events in San Diego county, her San Diego Mardi Gras block party has garnered national attention on FOX News as the best Mardi Gras celebration on the west several times.

Laurel celebrated her 22nd festival over the weekend on Saturday, February 6th. Each year Laurel and her team manage hundreds of people, major vendors, contractors, sponsors and city hoops while bringing in big musical acts (like Snoop Dogg), entertainment and lights to the heart of the Gaslamp for visitors who travel to attend the festivities in our great city.

UP NEXT… ShamRock!  (March 17th)

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Thank you, Bone Thugs N Harmony…

Bone Thugs killed it at the festival with a PACKED street and amazing show. I was granted full access to photograph the talent and wanted to get on stage early. Unfortunately, my first try landed me on the wrong side of the stage. I managed to get to the other side as I wove my way through the crowd. I had a special swag gift for the BONE THUGS… a box of love from Club M, so I had to travel carefully. With the throngs of people dancing, it took me 20 minutes to cross the street to get back stage.

Shooting the stages each year is always a thrill for me but this show was particularly memorable. I was able to shoot not just a performance but I witnessed and captured the love of these friends for being on stage, being together and being thankful. Before getting on stage, the group and ALL THEIR ENTOURAGE stopped everything… phones down, cameras away, full quiet reverence. They bowed their heads, circled, held onto each other and offered a prayer; a moment of respect to be thankful. This one moment was my most beautiful memory of all my Mardi Gras’.

Thank you Bone Thugs n Harmony. ~ Marie Tahan Daniels, The Cur8eur