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A Rose for Las Vegas, diego-ph-207704

Las Vegas; A Tipping Point

In the light of the recent tragedies of Las Vegas, I want to say I’m sorry for your pain. In an effort to bring joy into your lives through the beauty of music, one man chose to destroy the spirits, hopes and dreams of so many. I understand the need for the grieving process alongside an expectation of etiquette but hope this grieving process for our country does not translate into inaction under the guise of decorum.

We are in a pivotal point in our history. We are at the threshold of our human limits when it comes to the massacres due to the power of a few industries in the U.S.A country seen as a strong powerhouse is witnessing itself in its weakest point in decades. We as Americans have grown up immersed in a culture of strength and regard ourselves as resilient. We are in a fragile state.

Devastation such as the Las Vegas massacre is deepening the crack in our strong facade after so many similar occurrences like the one in an Orlando nightclub, the shootings at Virginia Tech and Newtown just to name A FEW. Have we not been pushed to the brink enough in this last decade with gun violence? I say YES WE HAVE.

A Rose for Las Vegas, diego-ph-207704

Capitalism is the foundation of our worldly strength but as we have built up this financial gain muscle we have allowed political figures and industries (firearms, banking, oil) to restrict our humanitarian instinct to  aid us in our decisions to create longterm strategies for positive outcomes.

Gun control is a necessity and owning a gun is a responsibility. If we hold a person responsible for life when the get a driver’s license we also have a duty to hold people responsible for life when wanting to own a gun. Now is the time to gather our feelings of defeat and once again find the stubborn, American strength we take pride in and use it for the sake of a safer, rejuvenated, proactive future for ourselves and our neighbors.




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gun related incidents in the U.S. in 2017


the number resulting in deaths


the number of those injured