5 Recipes for Your 420 Ditch Day

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Tuscan Cannabis Infused Soup - Photo by Darnell Scott

420 ditch day

Face it… 420 is like Stoner Christmas. It’s ok. We don’t judge. If you are looking at upping your game, though, here’s a few recipes to consider.


This is where you start! Cannabutter is the foundation of MANY of the recipes, both sweet and savory, that you will create for your holiday fun. This is your easy recipe. Not complex to make but you may wanna keep the doors open to air out the house during the decarboxylating phase lest you want that Parfum du MaryJane to sink into your carpet, sofa and drapes.


Something warm and hearty may hit the spot with the little spring chill in the air so make it a mighty fine Tuscan-inspired soup to warm the soul… and mind.

Beans, sausage, kale and a hearty broth infused with cannaoil sounds divine. The French Toast’s Danielle Guercio’s recipe will make you all warm and cozy inside.

Tuscan Cannabis Infused Soup - Photo by Darnell Scott
Tuscan Cannabis Infused Soup – Photo by Darnell Scott



You aren’t kidding around! This is a grown up feast with a twist so put on your big girl pants and get to it. Chef Andrea Drummer doesn’t hold back so why should you. Check out her recipe in full on Vogue.com.

Yields 8 servings at 14.965 mg per serving

Ingredients:• ¼ cup oil• ¼ cup butter plus 4 tablespoons butter reserved• ½ tbsp clean cannabis butter• ½ cup flour, plus extra flour as needed to form a paste• 1½ cup yellow onion (chopped)• ½ cup green bell pepper (chopped)• 3 garlic cloves (minced)• 2 bay leaves• ½ tsp white pepper• ½ tsp cayenne pepper or to taste• 1 tsp Cajun seasoning or to taste• 3-5 dashes hot sauce or to taste• 4 cups lobster stock (reference cookbook)• 1 14.5-ounce can diced tomatoes• 1 tsp salt• 4 lobster tails (halved)• ½ cup minced green onions, plus extra for garnish• ½ cup fresh parsley leaves (minced)

Get the rest of the directions…


Make this if you feel like going ALL OUT for 420! It is sure to impress any dinner guests if you pull off this simple but elegant dish. MEAT, GARLIC, HERBS… it screams “WHY OF COURSE” for a 420 feast.

Get this recipe in full from MUNCHIES.

Prime Rib Photo by-Brayden-Olson
Prime Rib w/ Chimichurri Sauce – Photo by Brayden Olson


These lacy almond cookies are so alluring that you might be compelled to eat several 😉 and hey… to each his own but Corinne at Wake + Bake has piqued our interest with these VEGAN delights.

If you make these, you better put a stash for later aside because they probably won’t make it to the end of the day.

almond lace cannabis cookies by Corrine Tobias
almond lace cannabis cookies by Corrine Tobias

If you try any of these recipes, tag @Cur8eur on instagram so we can check out your #420celebration. Happy 420!

Until the next best bite,