Happy Hour Lobby Martini Cart? Yes Please!

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Kilt and Scarf, Westgate Hotel Cocktail

Holiday Happy Hour Indeed!

The holidays are here and the idea of sitting pretty with my girlfriends in a beautiful hotel lobby choosing delightful boozy libations from a martini cart makes me giddy inside! That’s why I was excited to hear ALL about the the new floating bar that’s popping up at the Westgate Hotel for happy hour from 3PM to 6PM EVERYDAY.


This thought will be in your head. You KNOW that when you have a house full of visitors and family next week, you will be looking for a way to get them OUT OF YOUR HOUSE for just a bit and heading to the Westgate Hotel could be your best option.  Just take a look at some of your options for sanity below…

(BTW. They also have tea services, Christmas Dinners and New Year’s Day Brunch events! But get a reservation in NOW.)

Tawny Potion, Westgate Hotel Cocktail
Tawny Potion Calvados, Old Tawny Port, Cucumber Juice, Lemon Sherbet, Lemon Juice


Not Your Grandma's Apple Pie, Westgate Hotel Cocktail, cur8eur, cocktail, happy hour
Not Your Grandma’s Apple Pie
Jameson, Rye IPA, Spiced Apple Puree, Spiced Sugar Syrup, Warmed to Perfection


Kilt and Scarf, Westgate Hotel, happy hour, cocktail
Kilt & Scarf
Jameson, Angostura, Liquor Stregga, Spiced Syrup


Cheers & You’re Welcome 😉