Valle Wine & Food Festival; The Hottest Foodie Ticket of the Year

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Valle Wine and Food Festival


The Star Studded Chef Lineup at Valle Wine and Food Festival

Have you ever seen a lineup like this at this price!!! The lineup at the upcoming 1st Annual Valle Wine and Food Festival is unreal. With a small festival of this sort, you will be up close and personal with some of the best chefs on the planet (Movies have been made about some of them.) and really be able to indulge in a festival of greats in the beautiful Valle de Guadalupe.

As one of Cur8eur’s most touted nearby getaways, the Valle de Guadalupe is a no-brainer for us to recommend but this exclusive chance to enjoy the fall in Valle at Javier Plascencia’s Finca Altozano is truly going to be a memorable experience.

Tickets are $75 for general admission but we suggest go for the $350 SPLURGE because VIP is where you’ll wanna be. You Cur8eurs of style and travel will get 10% off by adding the code C8LUXE to your cart but don’t forget because financially responsible looks SEXY on you!

The all day affair means dress comfortably… but cute of course. Bring a hat and sunscreen because the sun is strong in the Valley and we wouldn’t want you to mess with that money maker. If you are looking for day trip transportation, get on our list so that we can get you set up with our partners OR do yourself a favor. Stay overnight in the Valle. There’s Encuentro, Cuartro Cuatros, Finca La Divina, Bruma, Hacienda Adobe Guadalupe, and so many more. You deserve it! Shimmy into the sunset with live music sets by several artists including our Cumbia Maestro friend, DJ Chucuchu!

You won’t believe the friends you will make. The camaraderie of fellow Valle Fans is like no other. Gather the gals and guys for this one and fall in love with Valle de Guadalupe.

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