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Picture of Plum Fresh by Snake Oil Cocktail Co.

San Diego has quite the reputation for its growing foodie community & culinary talents but another fabulous piece of our local cache lies in its love of the SPECIALTY COCKTAIL. Luckily, @Cur8eur has quite the connect these days with some friends participating in the upcoming Signature Chefs & Master Mixologists Gala To Benefit The March of Dimes [duh… we are media partners. HOW LUCKY ARE WE!]

ANYwho… that means we can call on our friends to share wonderfulness with you to try! SO…. until the big day of the event (November 8th… get tickets!) we will be showcasing some of their amazing talents starting with:

Picture of Plum Fresh by Snake Oil Cocktail Co.PLUM FRESH

by Snake Oil Cocktail Co. (thanks Michael Esposito)

TRU Organic Vodka, Clear Creek Organic Mirabelle Plum Eau d’ Vie, fresh pressed lemon, reduction of red plum syrup, barnyard egg white

Mixing instructions:
1 oz. TRU Vodka
1 oz. Mirabelle Plum
0.5 oz. plum syrup*
0.5 oz. lemon juice
0.5 oz. egg white

Combine all ingredients except soda in a boston shaker.  Shake vigorously without ice for 20 seconds to achieve emulsion.  Add ice and shake vigorously for 30 seconds.  Strain the contents into a chilled cocktail glass, leaving 0.25” of room at the top of the glass.  Reserve the contents and broken ice in the shaker tin.  Add soda to the tin, a thick foamy head should form, spoon this out over the top of your cocktail and serve.

*Plum Syrup:
Remove the pits from 12 red plums.  Place them in a medium pot.  Add 1.5 cups granulated organic sugar, and 1.5 cups water.  Place on stove over medium heat for 35 minutes stirring occasionally.  Strain off solids and reserve syrup.  Allow to cool before use.

Tasting notes:
This frothy plum-tini is full of rich plum flavors, the egg white and plum syrup fill the mouth with big rich fruity body, and the vodka and lemon come back with just enough acid and bite to keep you salivating and sipping away.

About us

Founded in September 2009, Snake Oil Cocktail Co. ( is a La Jolla-based boutique cocktail design and consulting firm. We specialize in creating distinctive cocktails for select bars, restaurants and luxury events. Our culinary-inspired cocktails are designed with a commitment to the finest ingredients, creativity and taste.

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