A Salute To Our Local Fishmonger, Tommy Gomes

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A Salute to Tommy Gomes, san diego food

A Salute to Tommy Gomes, san diego food

San Diegan’s who support the growing food culture locally know that good food is about good product. When you go to the grocery store to shop for your family, you are looking for the best of what you can find within your means. Great chefs do the same and in San Diego for fish, that means going to someone you can trust, someone who will give it to you straight… no BS.

That brings us to the sometimes gruff, but always honest fishmonger at Catalina Offshore Products, Tommy Gomes. Well, a bunch of friends (aka insane culinary talent) have gotten together a little shindig to celebrate him. He is just tickled pink about all the attention YEAH RIGHT! Anywho… If you are looking to spend an awesome Sunday afternoon with some great food, craft beer and good peeps, grab your tickets before they are all out. Only a handful left, last I checked.


Matt Richman, Chad White, Tommy Fraioli, Trey Foshee, Hanis Cavin, Matt Gordon, Alex Carballo, Jeff Bonilla, Rich Sweeney, Matthew Morrison, Brandon Brooks, Steven Molina, Jenn Felmley, Daniel Barron, Karl Prohaska, Karen Blair, Trey Foshee, Amy DiBiase, Olivier Bioteau, Ryan Studebaker, Andrea Davis, Robin Ross, and Tyson Blake.

Mike Hess Brewing and Societe Brewing will be on hand pouring their fantastic beers and there will be other special guests and surprises as well.