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Chef Davin Waite of Wrench & Rodent, Oceanside California

Foie Gras | A Serious Bunch

#chefs are a serious bunch when in the kitchen… so the mammoth task of getting 24 chefs to agree to cook a dozen at a time in one kitchen is a lofty idea. Chef Daniel Barron managed to pull together some of San Diego’s top chefs and rising stars to collaborate for a celebratory dinner — the return of foie gras to California is an exciting culinary victory. In a two-part series, a dozen chefs paired together to create 6 courses for an exclusive, limited dinner with each course including the prized ingredient.


Foie.King.Epic! Dinner 1 (photos) was held at the notoriously rebellious Wrench & Rodent Seabasstropub in Oceanside, California where 40 enthusiastic guests drove through bumper to bumper, northbound traffic and *gasp* RAIN to experience a collaborative dinner that possibly might never be again. One week later, another dozen chefs dazzled a new group of 40 foie fanatics at Foie.King. Epic! Dinner 2 (photos) at Chef Kurt Metzger’s Kitchen 4140 tucked off Morena Boulevard.


A Collaborative Cause

After weeks of twitter jabs back and forth between @ChefDaniel_B and @bryanpease (the “public interest” attorney who fought to ban foie gras 2 years ago) the dinners went off without a hitch… no protesters, no interruptions, just 2 beautifully executed, intimate dinners. Each dinner was supported by Hudson Valley Foie Gras, Catalina Offshore Products, Specialty Produce and of course, the community of chefs who were willing to participate in the somewhat controversial collaboration. Proceeds of both nights were donated to Collaboration Kitchen, a organization giving back to the San Diego community through food events.