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Tommy Gomes is a the ultimate fishmonger, food enthusiast, community champion and tell it like it is kind a guy with a big heart. His words ring loud and true for San Diego and we welcome his candidness. Enjoy his editorial and take note.

Tommy-Gomes-ProfileSo, San Diego says good bye to yet another Chef with mad talent in the kitchen. Chef Paul McCabe bids good – bye to San Diego and all the burger beer joints that come with it. I have to ask myself as a native of this once great city, WTF is it going to take for San Diego to understand that we as a city are losing our top Chefs.

I mean really, we have chefs in this city that kick ass in the kitchen, can teach others about food costs, can break down meat, and a whole fish. Can take a kitchen staff way beyond the next level, yet we as a city shit all over these talented chefs and when they leave wonder what happened.
Wheres the real talent? Take a walk in this city and start reading menus, you will see more then you want, short rib, flat iron steak, farmed salmon, swordfish, seabass (of somekind) Truffle this, and truffle that, burgers of every kind everywhere, followed up with a million craft beers (that’s another rant). Each menu looks the same and the owners wonder why they cant make any money, meanwhile handcuffing talent with bullshit orders of precut meat, vac/pac seafood and other cheap food. Screw Tapas, I want a meal, I want service and and and ,,,

Yet, We as a city, watch as another chef bids a good bye, and what is to replace him? Some new kid on the block, with tattoos, pants sagging and a nose ring fresh out of some cooking school. (nothing wrong with that, just a shame in my book) Out with the OLD and in with the NEW, are you fricking kidding me, what the hell is wrong with OLD SCHOOL talent, thinking outside the box, bringing a hit and run to your taste buds. Old School talent that with every dish served comes a story of history, of meals gone by, of what once was.

You ever see a Chef, a real Chef work his floor, going from table to table checking on guests? Shaking hands and asking if everything is all right? You ever see that same Chef, stop short of walking out of the kitchen, changing his soil apron with a fresh one, combing his hair/her hair and checking before walking out on his floor. These are the real Chefs, the true Chefs that think outside the box, and these boys and girls are the NO SHITTERS, the ones that call it like it is because they can back it up in the kitchen and with the plates that leave for your table.

And yet, we bid good bye, I mean really WTF is it going to take here in San Diego for this city to understand there is more to dinner then a loud, hip cool joint, with shitty seats and glow in the dark drinks. A meal, a great meal sets the stage for a wonderful night (sleep at my age). Soon, they will all be gone, we will no longer see the Chef after his shift sitting at a table with a cup of coffee and relaxing, nope what we will see is a cook leaving the line, with a beer in his hand leaving a trail of dust as his shift comes to an end.
So, with that I bid farewell to Chef Paul McCabe, a Chef with a no bullshit take charge attitude, a chef that took things like fatty bellies from a swordfish and placed it on the cover of a magazine, or took live spot prawns and had them dance across a plate, bursting with flavor, Tuna Hearts and made them melt in your mouth asking WTF was that I just ate? But most of all I have to bid farewell to a friend, and his meals that were some of the best in the city. The flavors that had your taste buds dance with joy, and at the end of the meal all you wanted was your blankie and pillow.

Now, with Chef Paul McCabe leaving San Diego, I have to buy a PRIUS to drive to AZ to have his meal.

We will be making the drive to AZ, where at one time I lived but never got out much if you know what i,m saying. See ya in AZ .

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