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Date(s) - 05/07/2016
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The Pilates Method Alliance (PMA®) is proud to present Pilates Day 2016.

Held on the first Saturday of May each year, Pilates Day presents an extraordinary opportunity for the Pilates community to unite in celebration of everything Joseph and Clara Pilates brought to the world. This year’s Pilates Day 2016 is set to emphasize “Pilates Bliss,” spotlighting the joy experienced through Pilates – in health, community and quality of life.

Known as an inventor, philosopher, author and fitness expert, Joseph H. Pilates taught a ‘whole body health’ exercise system, with a strong focus on breath. In addition to aiding in strength, balance and flexibility, practicing Pilates increases lung capacity and circulation through deep breathing coordinated with movement. The Pilates Method improves posture and abdominal strength, as well as bone density and joint health. It teaches control of the whole body, and promotes body awareness and deep restful sleep.  Pilates is an established specialist exercise modality that is profoundly effective and appropriate for everything from post-rehabilitation, to general body conditioning, to training world-class elite athletes in the finest motor skills, and everything in between. Pilates benefits practitioners of all ages, and all fitness levels, and the effects are transformative.

Upon his arrival in New York City in the 1920s, Joseph Pilates’ began teaching his method to a broad range of clients interested in general body conditioning and recovery from injuries. His work inspired the dance and performing arts community in New York, as well as a range of clients from all walks of life. Starting from his studio in New York City where he and his wife Clara taught clients, the Pilates Method is now embraced globally as an extremely sophisticated and versatile form of movement education that nourishes the mind, body and spirit.

The powerful inspiration that flowed from Joseph H. Pilates is a guiding force today. His words of wisdom continue to motivate and excite new generations. Pilates was gifted with an ability to share his knowledge in ways that resonated and activated people and communities. His well known quotes include:

·       “Everyone is the architect of his own happiness.”

·       “Above all, learn to breathe correctly.”

·       “Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness.”

·       “Neither the mind nor the body is supreme – one cannot be subordinated to the other.”

Pilates passed away in 1967 at the age of 83 in New York City. His legacy lives on in 2016 through the thousands of Pilates teachers around the world who offer his transformative teachings to their clients.

As part of the 2016 campaign, a group of Pilates Day 2016 experts have been selected to serve as regional ambassadors to present a fresh perspective on what Pilates offers, share the legacy of Pilates and encourage participation in this global celebration. These ambassadors include:

·       Sherri Betz, PT, PMA-CPT and director of TheraPilates® Physical Therapy, specializing in geriatrics and osteoporosis; Chair of the APTA Bone Health Special Interest Group; Serves on National Osteoporosis Foundation and American Bone Health professional education committees. She also serves as Chair of the PMA Certification Commission and PMA Research Committee. (Santa Cruz, California)

·       Montse Cosin, Ph.D., PMA-CPT, has been teaching Pilates since 1991. She has taught at Pilates courses and presented at conferences in the United States, Europe and Latin America. Montse is master instructor trainer and international curriculum coordinator for Integrated Balance, LLC. She graduated with a degree Molecular Biology from the University Autonoma of Madrid, Spain and has a Ph.D. in Molecular Mechanisms of Rheumatoid Arthritis. (Miami, Florida)

·       Blossom Leilani Crawford, PMA-CPT began Pilates with first generation teacher Kathleen Stanford Grant while attending New York University. She went on to study with and assist Ms. Stanford Grant for 17 years as her trusted protégé. She also completed a rigorous program of private study with Romana Kryzanowska. The founder and owner of Bridge Pilates, in operation for a decade, her expertise takes her around the world for workshops as a teacher of teachers. You can also find her leading regular mat classes open to the community at Mark Morris Dance Center. (Brooklyn, New York)

·       David McMahan, PMA-CPT is one of the key faculty members from Fletcher Pilates®, and is known for his specialization in teaching Pilates to young people. David has taught educational programs internationally and been featured in Pilates Style Magazine with Kyria Sabin.  (Newport Beach, California)

·       Jessica Valant, MSPT, PMA-CPT, has been a licensed physical therapist and Polestar trained Pilates instructor for over 15 years. She is a PMA Certified Pilates Teacher and sits on the board of directors for the PMA. She is the owner and founder of Harmony Pilates and Physical Therapy, with two locations in Hawaii, and Happy Hour Mama, an online resource and membership site offering Pilates instruction, health tips, inspiration and motivation for women. Jessica’s popular YouTube channel Pilates Happy Hour offers a variety of accessible Pilates workouts for the general public, as well as fellow instructors. She writes for Happy Hour Mama and Lifehack. (Encinitas, California)

·       Trent McEntire, PMA-CPT, Pilates expert, has spent nearly 20 years helping recovery and performance clients reach their goals by finding movement solutions specific to their needs. His work involves assessing and leveraging the physics, neuroscience, and psychology of movement. Trent served as the president of the board of directors for the Pilates Method Alliance for 7 years. (Metro Detroit, MI)


The PMA encourages and invites all Pilates enthusiasts to celebrate Pilates Day on May 7 by creating and attending special events that raise the profile of Pilates and encourage community involvement. Studio owners and health club-based Pilates teachers are encouraged to hold special celebratory classes, lectures and Pilates social events, whereas clients are encouraged to attend Pilates classes and bring their friends and families to join in the fun. Social media materials are available for everyone from Pilates devotees to new Pilates clients in order to share the well being that this amazing Method fosters. Fans are encouraged to share their PilatesBliss with posts of what brings them joy through Pilates. The campaign expects to see thousands of social media posts shared around the world with imagery of the Pilates Method, community and messages of enthusiasm. All are encouraged to use the hashtag, PilatesDay.

About Pilates Method Alliance (PMA)

Founded in 2001, the Pilates Method Alliance (PMA) is the international, not-for-profit, professional association and certifying agency dedicated to the teachings of Joseph H. and Clara Pilates. The organization’s mission is to foster community, integrity, and respect for diversity; maintain certification and continuing education standards; and promote the Pilates method of exercise. You can find out more by visitingwww.pilatesmethodalliance.org. Join the conversation by engaging with us on Facebook/PilatesMethodAlliance, Instagram/PilatesMethodAlliance and Twitter/PMATweeter.