If Your Parisian Passion is for Salmon (Autour du Saumon)

Written by StyleXplorer, Brian Hawkins

If in Paris, and your passion is for Salmon and other smoked or cured seafood, and the delights that accompany them, then you must visit Autours du Saumon on one of my favorite streets for gourmet foods, rue des Martyrs.  For more information on this “village” in the heart of Paris, check out this wonderfully representative blog report by EatTravelWrite.

Autours du Saumon literally means “around the salmon” and it is in fact a perfect descriptive. Here you can pick up everything from smoked and cured salmon and harring, you can also find caviars, wines, champagnes, and vodkas.  Basically a one stop for anyone entertaining or even just craving salmon for their breakfast or special brunch.

For those on the go, stop in and grab a delicious salmon salad to go, but if you can swing it, don’t forget the wine!