Cooking Chicken Just Got Real | Chicken Bacteria Superbug


Is there no hope for our feathered food? We have managed to spend the last recent years being programmed to study and understand our food and our food sources. Now we find that regardless of whether we choose organic or chock-full of antibiotics, this “superbug” thwarts our healthy cooking efforts. All chickens have a 50-50 chance of contamination of our lean white meat of choice!

cooking a family meal? Roast that chicken to a full 165 degrees. Don’t chance it. cooking chicken to 165 degrees just became more important with 50% of U.S. chickens containing an antibiotic-resistent “SUPERBUG”.

Chicken Tainted With “Superbug” Bacteria

Thursday morning, tested 316 raw chicken breasts purchased at retail stores around the country. While almost all contained some amount of harmful bacteria, just under 50% of the samples carried a bacterium resistant to three or more different antibiotics. Additionally, 11% of the samples had two or more such bacteria. Interestingly, the study showed that organically raised chickens — which are supposedly raised without antibiotics or hormones — were just as likely to be contaminated with these bacteria.