Comic-Con Inspired Food & Drinks Hit SD This Week

Comic-Con Takes Over the City & It’s Restaurants

BAR By Red Door (Mission Hills)
729 W. Washington Street, San Diego

Bar Manager, Ren Perakis has whipped up a couple of beautiful cocktails to wet your whistle. As a bonus, she has included the recipe for all you Comic-Con geeks to try at home.

ren perakis, bar by red door, mission hills, comic con cocktails

Poison Ivy

1.5 oz Cachaca
.5 Green Chartruese
.5 Cilantro Jalapeño syrup
.75 lime
Spritz absithe
Garnish: Ivy spring with hot sauce float


The Black Orchid

1 oz Cutwater Gin
.75 Cappelletti
.5 Elderflower
.75 Lemon
2 Dash Peychaud Bitters
Garnish: Orchid and Blue Curacao float

ren perakis, bar by red door, mission hills, comic con cocktails


El Chingon (Gaslamp Quarter)
560 5th Avenue, San Diego

El Chingon has created a taco flight and a slew of Comic-Con inspired drinks! Check it out.

Mai Tai fighter

Dark rum, almond, lime, triple sec

Dark Side Manhattan

Bourbon, Averna, R&D cherry apple bitters

Let the Wookie Win

tequila, lime, guava, agave

Snoke’s Old Fashioned

Rye whiskey, demerara, R&D aromatic 7 bitters


Tequila, pineapple, lime, almond

Incredible Hulk Taco

Tempura battered avocado, cilantro tomatillo sauce, cilantro

Human Torch Taco

Red chile braised beef, pickled red onion, candied red Fresno chiles

Captain America Summer Salad

Blueberry, watermelon, cotija, avocado, candied nuts, strawberry vinaigrette

Aqua Man Taco

House fish taco

The Thing Taco

Meatless crumble, avocado cream cilantro, onion

comic-con, el chingon, san diego, taco flights