Cast of Characters

{Marie Tahan Daniels}

Marie Tahan Daniels - Founder of Giving Scene | ONLINE & Cur8eur MagazineFounder and CMT {Chief Multi-Tasker} of Cur8eur Magazine (formerly Giving Scene | ONLINE). Marie is an habitual charity committee addict in what little spare time she possesses. The years of consulting non-profits & small businesses on development, marketing communications and social media has produced a digital fiend never out of reach of her gadgets. That line of work & community involvement has given Marie a perspective that inspired her to bring light to the organizations, companies and individuals who have made the conscious decision to fill in the blanks for the social good where our social services have failed. After two years, the transformation into a lifestyle content concept has come to fruition in Cur8eur Magazine where she plans to expand the media offerings for the community.

{Tyrone Spencer}

Tyrone Spencer Fashion BloggerStyle Contributor  | Men’s fashion blogger & style consultant & the founder of I.CON Blog, a subsidiary of i.con{imageconcepts} which has been established to provide style consul in the form of personal wardrobing and image branding solutions for private clients. Think of it as a one-stop shop to get you polished and pressed to take on your various “publics”.

{Susie Talman}

Photojournalist | Susie is a loud-mouth Brit who’s a walking contradiction because she throws a fit frequently about stepping up to the plate Susie Talmanto do things she rocks at, like PHOTOGRAPHY. She’s a stealthy one who cannot stand to do photos that are posed. She likes to blend in to catch the real beauty people exude when they are enjoying themselves, unaware of the presence of the lens. Every so often we can get her to take a photo of people who ARE paying attention but we don’t push it too far with her. Our little wallflower speaks volumes with her camera. Look for her and call her out! She’ll love it. We swear! Check out her gallery pages.