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The Beginnings

Marie Daniels began publishing The Giving Scene in 2009 as a way for her to give smaller charitable organizations a chance at being seen by a broader audience. At that time, only the BIG charities were publicized by local magazines and many charitable organizations had not yet caught on to the value of online websites for promoting their causes.

In 2012, Marie decided to create Cur8eur.com, her own personal blog / online resource to share more about herself and her experience in living in such a dynamic region of the country. Her love of wine and food became a prominent subject matter on the site which still included the social calendar for San Diego and Baja California from Tijuana to Valle de Guadalupe.

A Letter from Marie

It’s been so many years since I began this website and to be honest, there have been some long pauses in keeping it up. My interests have changed, my life has changed. I have found that the mediums of sharing have exploded and I have found how I enjoy video and podcast production just as enjoyable as blogging about this paradise of a town.

As an empty-nester mom and marketing communications agency owner, my time has been split in a variety of different ways, meaning less of it is spent on social events than in prior years. Because of this, my curation of articles, news and random thoughts may be fewer and further between but I hope you find value in the archives and the perspectives I will continue to share through my travel guides and life in the San Diego region.


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