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Grand Central Market, Los Angeles, Sari Sari Store

Grand Central Market | L.A.

DOWNTOWN L.A. | Grand Central Market Most San Diegans find Los Angeles to be a place to avoid usually but one incredibly redeeming quality is their food scene and Grand Central Market adds color to the options. It has excelled in providing a variety of cuisines for the curious and hungry. I was journeying thru...

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Dear Under 30… We’ve Failed You

How could we have put you in this treacherous position? You have grown up and ventured out into the world with all the confidence of a strong human without any of the experience of true defeat and discipline. WHAT WE SEE You stride into the workplace, usually run and organized by those who have already had...

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A Borderless Night at the Westgate Hotel

A Weekend of Food and Wine Fall afternoons and evenings rank up there as my favorite in San Diego, especially downtown. America’s Finest City has a perfectly placed downtown and from the rooftop pool at the Westgate Hotel, the views are unlike any other in nearby hotels. A weekend of food and wine celebrations at...

Closed Door Supper Club, San Diego, Cannabis Dinner

Cannabis Dinner | Closed Door Supper Club

The Supper Club What a great bunch of guests we had for this latest edition! We saw a few NEW faces at the dinner and had some incredible conversations with Brandon Allen and Vanessa Corrales, two cannabis aficionados. We were very excited to welcome our guest chefs Kristianna Zabala of Nomad Donuts and Gustavo Camacho...

A Rose for Las Vegas, diego-ph-207704

God Bless Las Vegas

Las Vegas; A Tipping Point In the light of the recent tragedies of Las Vegas, I want to say I’m sorry for your pain. In an effort to bring joy into your lives through the beauty of music, one man chose to destroy the spirits, hopes and dreams of so many. I understand the need for...