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Cur8eurEats - Foodie Heaven -Seabass Ceviche - Don Chido SD

Nostalgia-Wrapped Lunch with Don Chido

Flashback 20 years to when I could eat whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted without a care in the world. During THAT time (so long ago it feels like a fairytale), I cultivated my palate curiosity and savored, enjoyed a good meal when I could get it. Luckily, my best friend Denise ALSO loved eating...

Tommy Gomes Filets a Fish with Cur8eur ONLINE & Little Fork Chica

Get Schooled on HOW to Really Filet a Fish From a Pro

Ever wonder how the pros filet a fish? I’ve tried to do it before and I always end up mutilating the meat and leaving a significant amount on the carcass. Tommy Gomes from Catalina Offshore Products showed me exactly how YOU can do it at home. Next time, why don’t you buy a whole fish...

dog boarding

Puppies to Make You Smile | Video

PUPPIES!!!! Not only are there puppies but fun video effects too!   Dogboarding from DANIELS on Vimeo. music: “Helena Beat” by Foster the People ~No animals were harmed in the making of this video. Don’t harm animals, dummy.~ thankyou to

In the Fridge | Leftover Summer Corn, recipes, san diego, dining, cooking, home cooks, little fork chica

In The Fridge | Leftover Summer Corn

I woke up this morning, opened the fridge and saw that I had corn on the cob left over from dinner and remembered how sweet it was. Using it for breakfast was in order. Browned the cut off corn, put on the plate. Sliced some fresh basil to add to one whole egg + one...